Salut, Terry O’Neill!

November 14, 2022
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Terry ONeill Brigitte Bardot on the Set of Shalako Deauville 1968 featured

When it comes to collectable photography, no serious art collection will ever be complete without one or two (or more!) iconic images from Terry O’Neill, one of the most celebrated photographers to have ever picked up a camera.

His career first took off at the start of the 60s but he took a very different tack to his photography peers at the time, opting to chart the rise of global youth culture instead of focusing on natural disasters, politics and war.

We all know about the Swinging Sixties and all that it encapsulated, with a strong emphasis on modernity and hedonism… and it’s in large part thanks to O’Neill’s incredible photographs of the era that we have even the vaguest of understandings of what life must have been like for those fully embroiled in the cultural revolution.

Roll on 1965 and O’Neill’s shots were appearing in some of the biggest magazines and newspapers all over the world, photographing some of the biggest names of all time… everyone from Audrey Hepburn and Frank Sinatra to Elvis, Brigitte Bardot, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones (before they hit the big time). The list is never-ending!

In fact, you’re sure to recognise his photos even if you didn’t know he was the photographer, with his iconic images splashed across movie posters, rock albums, magazine covers and lots more. Do a little research and you may well be surprised by just how many shots you are familiar with.

Sadly, O’Neill died on November 16th 2019, but his legacy most certainly lives on in all his wonderful photographs… and it’s easy to see why they’re still very much in favour to this day. 

If you’re looking for Terry O’Neill signed prints to add to your collection, get in touch with the Untitled Art team today. We’re looking forward to chatting about all things photography with you and helping you curate the best art collection you possibly can.

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