Colours Festival Art Exhibition Coming To Britain

April 09, 2023
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Colours Festival Art Exhibition

If ever British art fans needed a prompt to give contemporary art dealers a call to find something attractive for their own homes, the arrival of an exciting new exhibition in the UK could be just that.

As the Manchester Evening News reports, the Colors Festival, which has already been staged three times successfully in Paris, is now heading to Salford.

Rather than heading to the city’s most celebrated arts venue, the Lowry, it is actually setting up camp at the Regent Retail Park. It will run from May 19th to June 5th, with tickets now on sale in timed slots. 

After this, it will move on to London. Once again it will not be a famous art gallery or venue that hosts the event, but a retail venue, in this case Camden Market.

It is described as an “artistic universe of colour, creativity and diversity”, with a range of immersive extra-large works of street art. The festival’s website states: “Despite all of the artists having their own unique style, they all share a common goal to transport visitors into a vivid and visual world of inspiring art,” highlighting the eclecticism on show.

Such an event may do more than just wow the general public; those who have a large amount of space at home that could accommodate a king-sized artwork may be inspired to seek out a production of one of the artists involved, or even look to secure a commission.

Each of the editions will feature local artists, with the Salford event showcasing the works of Manchester artists Qubek and Ethan Lemon, while London will give a platform to the likes of Dale Grimshaw and Lisa Lloyd.

The event may be a reminder that if you need inspiration before buying artworks, galleries are not always the places to go. 

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