Terry O’Neill’s Greatest Works

April 18, 2023
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Terry ONeill Sean Connery Bond on the Moon 1971

Terry O’Neill is one of the most celebrated photographers there is and his work is still celebrated now and exists as his legacy, immortalizing his talent and expertise as a memorial of a great and loved artist.

O’Neill worked with many famous faces from The Beatles to Bowie, The Rolling Stones and even Queen Elizabeth II. His talent knew no bounds and although all of his images are wonderful, there are several which are simply exquisite.

He is one of the most collected photographers in the world and has work displayed in national galleries across the globe, and many of us own Terry O’Neill prints which are proudly displayed in our homes.

Having achieved greatness as a photographer, Terry was awarded a CBE for his incredible national and international achievements, giving him an honour that left him just a step below knighthood. Although this is an incredible honour and achievement, many would argue that his works are his greatest achievements.

The photographs he took of Elton John are some of the most recognisable shots he took. Photos from his Dodger Stadium concert in 1975 remain iconic and celebrated today and are some of the most famous photographs he ever took.

In 2019, a book was released compiling his collection of portraits of Elton John. The pair worked together closely for many years and could be considered friends. Over 5000 photos were taken during their years working together and many of these were previously unseen until the book was released.

O’Neill also took photographs of his once-wife, actress Faye Dunaway, and some of these shots are just as famous and iconic as his photographs of Elton John.

A series of Images of Dunaway lounging by a pool the morning after she won an academy award, Oscar statue proudly on display in the Beverly hills morning sunshine are among some of his most recognizable and famed images.

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