About Untitled Art

It is with great pleasure that we are able to introduce a wonderful, richly coloured and meticulously crafted array of paintings and works of art that are different, exuberantly visual and tactile.

The collection has been carefully assembled over several years, concentrating on selecting the very finest examples of each artists’ oeuvre and highlighting their rare and unique qualities that make them so special and sought after.

Untitled Art Limited specialize and deal in top quality Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as Photography and Sculpture. With an eye for detail and excellence, we have built a large inventory of works of art that are interesting, important and have long-lasting impact.

We hope there is something here for you and would be delighted to arrange a private viewing at your convenience.




Adam Levene is Chairman and Managing Director of Untitled Art Limited, with over forty years experience in the business initially as a collector and investor, then as a well-respected advisor and dealer. Adam has a proven track record and travels extensively across the globe to source Modern and Contemporary Art, as well as Photography and Sculpture. His professionalism and passion for art is unrelenting and he loves to convey this joy to his many friends and clients. Adam has an exhaustive knowledge of the art market and a great eye for only buying exceptional works in excellent condition and presenting the works to the highest possible standard where appropriate with museum quality framing.

Adam states with conviction: –

‘Striving for works of Art of the highest quality and the finest examples, together with an eclectic range of stock is key. One has to be acutely selective throughout the buying process. Condition, subject matter, artistic flare and application are the essential ingredients necessary in creating excellence. This together with a sympathetic, tailored and well-mannered attitude and a general willingness to please remains absolute. We listen carefully to all of our clients’ demands and needs. Outright ownership of all of our stock allows us both control and flexibility. Always excited to create magnificence and perfection. Our aim, simply, is to delight, giving wow factor for all of our valued clients.’

Adam continues to expand Untitled Art’s inventory and is always looking to buy new and cutting edge works of art that will bring an ever-broadening and interesting dimension to our stock.




Joshua Levene is a Director of Untitled Art Limited and has worked closely with his father Adam for the past eleven years. Since childhood, Joshua has grown up surrounded by important works of art and this has given him an invaluable understanding and acceptance of fine art.

Joshua has played a pivotal role in expanding the business and reaching out to many new and important clients. He has a natural affinity to assist many aspiring art enthusiasts to build interesting and important art collections.

‘The new collectors are exciting to work with, as they are like a breath of fresh air and always eager to listen and to be open-minded. Fashions can change but quality will always prevail, and this remains steadfast to me.’

Joshua brings energy, drive and enthusiasm to Untitled Art Limited and has a bright future in the art business.

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Joel Levene is a Director of Untitled Art Limited and is now in his fourth year. Joel brings further energy to Untitled Art, as well as providing his accountancy and tech skills, helping to create regular and updated information and mailers across our customer base.

We aim to respond to our clients enquiries as a matter of priority to give clarification and further information on any and all matters.