Stanley Casselman

Casselman was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1963 and at a young age held a fascination with understanding truth and existence.


Casselman earned his Bachelor of Arts from Pitzer College in Claremont, California in 1985 and has since been featured in numerous solo and group gallery exhibitions and shows, including Art 57 in Vienna, Austria, Opera Gallery in New York and at the Light Art Biennial in Linz, Austria.

“My paintings are a narrative of my development in light exploration and the unique idioms that have emerged through my evolution with a squeegee. The work is implicitly about process, but that to me is a perfect metaphor for the beauty of how life evolves and endlessly unfolds.

My most recent series of abstracts were inspired by New York Magazine critic Jerry Saltz, who posed a challenge on Facebook for artists to replicate the works of renowned artists, such as Gerhard Richter, Wade Guyton, Robert Ryman, Agnes Martin and others. Having built and used squeegees in my practice over the past 25 years and embracing the thought to have Saltz see my work, I decided to take it on. Two years and a feature article in NY Magazine later, I continue to push and explore the limitless possibilities of painting with a squeegee.”