Kim Dong Yoo

Kim Dong Yoo began his art career in 1988 after graduating from the College of Fine Art, Mokwon University.


He has exhibited greatly throughout Korea and internationally. His unique painting process results in paintings that redefine pointillism and pop art.

At first glance his works look as if they are pixelated paintings of images of well-known individuals and celebrities such JFK, Van Gogh, Monroe, Mao, or Queen Elizabeth. However, upon closer inspection it is clear to see that the overall main image is composed of row upon row of small individually painted faces. For example, rows of JFK’s face makes up the beautiful face of Marilyn Monroe, or Marilyns combine to create a large Mao. His technique is unique and clever, yet painstaking and time consuming.

The pair of faces provides not only the visual effect but also works as a reminder of stories between the two. They provide tension as well as a feeling of engagement. While Kim Dong Yoo’s work doesn’t draw directly on historical motifs that have a direct reference to Asian culture, they render a viewpoint of the world of a Korean artist who has been lived and worked his entire career in his local environment.