Leo Gabin

Leo Gabin is a trio of artists consisting of LievenDeconinck, GaëtanBegerem and Robin De Vooght, who have worked together since 2000.


All three were born in Ghent, Belgium, where they continue to live and work. They received their BFA’s at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Ghent. Recent group exhibition include ‘PRIVAT’, SchirnKunsthalle, Frankfurt, curated by Dr. Martina Weinhaert, and solo shows include ‘New Holland’, St. Petersburg, Russia; The Cultural Centre Bruges, Belgium; Peres Projects, Berlin; Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York City and the KunstraumMuenchen, Munich.

Leo Gabin’s paintings’ are highly expressive in style and the pixilated imagery serves to disrupt any sense of a clear narrative, creating parallels between the activities of making art and surfing the internet. Images of the Miami Dolphins NFL cap, the Ford sedan and McMansions are repeated throughout the paintings, as the artists look to demonstrate the power of iconic imagery, so widely shared across the internet. While these works, with their different abstract styles, remind us of Rauschenberg’s 1960s collaged paintings, they also look to the future, and to the internet’s influence on culture and vice versa.