Patrick Rubinstein

Born in 1960, Patrick Rubinstein is a contemporary French artist who previously worked in the fashion industry.


Optical illusions held an important place in the family’s creative output. Inspired by movement, form, structure and materials, his works are created on a concept called Opt Art (Kinetic Art). Depending on the angle from which you look at them, his artworks offer three different views, thus providing viewers with three times more emotions. Patrick Rubinstein brings to viewers the opportunity to come face to face with their beloved celebrities, where each is associated with another image creating a one of a kind optical illusion. Little by little, Patrick Rubinstein established his signature style, juxtaposing vibrant colours with black and white, and continued on his ceaseless quest to remain at the cutting edge. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Scandinavia, throughout Europe and the Middle East.