Sandra Shashou

A painter, born in Rio de Janeiro to an international community, Shashou has transformed herself into an Abstract artist and a biographical portrait painter whose works are well represented in exhibitions and shows in the UK, Brazil and Azerbaijan.


Shashou creates works in oils, silkscreen on mirror, collages, photography, antique objects, embroidery, and memorabilia. She specializes in biographical portraits, which incorporate collected articles about the subjects of her paintings. Shashou has received international acclaim for her commissioned and non-commissioned portraits of individuals in the arts, business, fashion, media, and sports personalities.

Equally engaging, Shashou’s beautiful abstract paintings are emotional landscapes that confront our physicality by embracing the potential for flaws, errors, and fragmentation; the surfaces speak of a more subjective content.
Shashou has developed her own very strong painting language.
She lives and works in London.