Martha Winter

Martha Winter was born in London where she began her art training. She went on to study Fine Art in Falmouth and Norwich. Her work, whilst sculptural, is mainly wall-based.


It is the unusual outcome of many influences, from the conventional desire for a sculptor to engage with her materials to the objective observation of the way these materials physically exist in the landscape. The artists fascination with geometry and geology result in calm contemporary pieces whose elemental composition resonate with our subconscious.

The process Martha Winter has developed for creating her work has come out of many years of experimenting. She uses geological materials collected from the landscape including quarries. The creative process begins by preparing the material by grinding it down or through meticulously separating it out. Using a variety of techniques this ‘matter’ is then applied onto an armature. Layer upon layer are built up, forming permanent and textural surfaces.

Martha Winter regularly contributes to group exhibitions including shows in London, Bath and East Anglia. She has been selected for several ‘Open’ exhibitions including Kettle’s Yard and Artsway. She gained a ‘Year of the Artist’ award from the Arts Council and has received commissions from her local Council and Arts Organisations. Her work has been shown at Art Fairs in London and New York. Much of her time is spent developing new work for solo shows whilst also working on commissions for private and corporate clients.