Lluís Barba

Born in Spain, Barba has exhibited his work in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Canada.


His work is held in major public collections, including The Artothèqued’ArtAnekdota in Paris, The Daniela Chappard Foundation of Caracas, The LluísCarulla Foundation, El Instituto Cervantes in Tangier, The Marugame Hirai of Japan and The Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art. Barba won the 2010 Art Prize for Young Masters from The Courtauld Institute of Art London.

Lluís Barba reworks iconic artworks to comment on contemporary society, introducing modern characters into Hieronymus Bosch’s or Pieter Bruegel’s medieval scenes. Barba’s work leverages the language of artistic symbolism to critique both modern society and the art world, utilising society darlings and art world players such as Kate Moss and Brad Pitt. Barba thereby expresses his debt to the History of Art while establishing distance through a strongly ironic stance.