Lawrence Holofcener (1926 - 2017)

Lawrence Holofcener was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and has exhibited across the USA, as well as in the UK.


The artist’s sculpture frequently depicts famous individuals and in 1985 Laurence Olivier unveiled Holofcener’s portrait, “Faces of Olivier”, at the Chichester Festival Theatre. Exactly ten years later H.R.H. The Princess Margaret unveiled a cast of his most famous work, “The Allies”, between Old and New Bond Street. Now a major London landmark, it was gifted to the City of Westminster by the Bond Street Association to commemorate fifty years of peace.

The “Allies” depicts Sir Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt in relaxed conversation and is a fitting tribute to the celebrated politicians who together implemented the Atlantic Charter. The Charter was first issued in August 1941 and set goals for peace in the post-war world including freedom from fear and want and the abandonment of the use of force. Churchill and Roosevelt’s bond secured a strong transatlantic partnership that enhanced international security and helps to explain the ‘special relationship’ that is frequently discussed today. In keeping with their principles, “The Allies” is an approachable sculpture with the space in between the two leaders open for us the viewer to occupy.