Anselm Reyle

Anselm Reyle was born in 1970 in Tubingen, Germany. He is a young artist who deals with abstraction and formalism.


The materials for his paintings and sculptures often include found objects such as PVC-foil, acrylic, mirrors or concrete and each composition can be made in any number of sizes ranging in scale from the personal to the monumental. He often uses a sculptural motif in both his sculptures and paintings that has become a modernist art cliché but reworks it in order to invest it with new meaning and context.

Reyle’s work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including the Migros Museum in Zurich, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and the second edition of the Prague Biennale in 2002. His first solo exhibition was in 1999 in Berlin, other venues for solo exhibitions include The Modern Institute in Glasgow, Galerie Almine Rech in Paris, Gavin Brown’s enterprise in New York, and The Tate Modern in London.

Anselm Reyle currently lives and works in Berlin.